The Beginnings

The Beginnings

Back in our day, we wanted to be healthy. We worked in the Health Industry, we ate healthy, we exercised, and we even took vitamins and drank regular tap water. We thought we were at the epitome of health. Boy, were we to learn a few things!

When you know you’re about to bring another human being into the world, you begin to question a lot of things. You begin to understand it’s not just about you, it’s about a precious little bundle that you are about to be responsible for. And you see things a little differently. You want the best for them, for their health, and are open to receiving information like never before. And thus our journey to real health began!

We did most things every day families do, but at the same time we were questioning a lot of things and changing our diets to more natural foods. We had learned about colours, flavours, additives and preservatives and their devastating effects on children’s health and behavior, so they were our first victim. Then we started learning about vaccinations, medications and our whole philosophy of health was turned upside down! Our involvement in the health industry withered away, the passion we once had was extinguished by false promises and a web of deception.

Many years were spent changing ourselves, and our child’s diets and lifestyles. We questioned everything! We researched, read, asked and tested. This journey has not stopped. It led us to the following:

Eat as naturally as you possibly can. Naturally grown, organically grown. Unprocessed – eat foods the way they were created. Cook with single ingredients. Make it yourself so you know what’s in it.

Drink pure water. Find out what is in your water and drink water that has no contaminants or neurotoxins in it.

Only apply things on your body that you can eat.

Find a natural cure. The side effects of natural remedies are beneficial. The side effects of pharmaceutical drugs are not. And they all have side effects, whether you recognize them or not.

Eat a diet and live a lifestyle that strengthens your immune system. Don’t rely on external factors to do this for you, they can’t. The body given the correct nourishment and environment will function with optimal immunity and heal itself perfectly.

Be cautious of what you are breathing in, cleaning your home with, washing your clothing with, and spraying onto your body and around your home.

Don’t give up because it is overwhelming. Take baby steps and one day you’ll be running.

Embrace your new understanding of real health, live it, love it, be grateful for it, and share it with others. Be the lead example wherever you go.

What’s Happening Nowdays

Fast forwarding, we became so passionate about health, we had to share it with everyone! We factored into our busy lifestyles this project – Righteous Healthy Living. We wanted to give back, share with our community what we have been blessed with.

Righteous Healthy Living provides:
-Co Op for Farm Fresh and Organic Produce. -Organic Groceries in singles and bulk, and Organic products
-Natural Medicines
-Health Workshops
-Health Blogs and Articles

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