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Month: November 2016

Post #2

Post #2

So in the last post I shared how this journey really started way back in January of 2011. I was waaaayyy overweight; tipping the scales at a robust 320. So I jumped in head first, feet first and everything else and dropped 75 pounds in just over 6 months. I was able to keep it going and got down to right at 220.

How’d I do it? That’s always the question. Well, here’s what’s kind of funny. At first, it didn’t include much exercise or healthy eating. I didn’t actually start lifting weights, running, climbing stairs, etc. until I had lost like 60 pounds. And I have NEVER eaten healthy. I’m mean like, for real healthy. With lots of fruits and green stuff. I’m probably the pickiest eater . . . EVER.

So what was the trick? Absolutely no carbs. At all. Whatsoever. Well, maybe like 20 carbs a day. If that.

I guess the other “trick” was that I was SO freaking committed which allowed me to be 100% sold out, committed. I didn’t cheat on the diet, at all. So if I didn’t really eat healthy and I didn’t eat carbs; what did I eat? Lots of meat. All kinds of meat. A lot of green beans. A crap load of Adkins Meal bars. Side note: man those are goooood! And a whole lot of Adkins-type meal drinks. The actual Adkins brand is too expensive. So it was some other brand that you can get for like $6 for a 4-pack. I drank a bunch of those.

Spinning off those two “tricks” I think was a 3rd important factor. I ate a lot. Not necessarily a lot of food. But I ate a lot in terms of frequency. I really got my metabolism going. And I was really putting away the protein. So I really stayed hungry. The more often I ate, the fast my metabolism went, the more fat I burned. It was like it was just falling off me.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Pretty boring. Not much variety. But like I said . . . I was absolutely sold out committed. So at that point it really wouldn’t have mattered.


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Post #1 – Let’s Get Started . . . Again

Post #1 – Let’s Get Started . . . Again

It was almost 6 years ago. I’m not sure of the exact date; but it was January 2011. I remember standing in front of my congregation, telling them that I was done being unhealthy. I told them that I was going to lose weight. I was tired of how I was feeling and I was finally ready to do something about.

So there it was. It was out. I was exposed. I was constantly embarrassed of how I looked; and admitting it in front of my church certainly didn’t help. But I was ready. And I felt some freedom just admitting it.

Here’s a mug shot of me at almost 320 pounds. Trapped inside a body that I didn’t want. BTW – if you’ve only met me since then and wondered if I ever had hair, there you go.

Fast forward to August of that same year. It was the first few days of the month and we were away at Bible Camp. I have a specific memory that I was so proud of. Many of the staff and counselors were sitting around talking and my weight loss journey came up. Joe, a really kind and gracious man, was bragging on me to someone and asked how much weight I had lost up to that point. I remember proudly sharing that I had lost 75 pounds. So in just over 6.5 months I had lost 75 pounds. If my math is correct that meant I was at 245. Not bad, if I say so myself.

I went on to lose another 25 pounds and got down to just about 220. I looked good at 220. I was really happy with how I looked. I’m fuzzy on all the dates. But I think I stayed there for a while. And at some point that summer I had started lifting weights. So that REALLY started to help how I was feeling about myself and how I looked.

That’s where this story begins. I appreciate that you’re taking the time to read my posts. I initially decided to write this just for myself. But, I realized that it’s possible that someone could be encouraged by my journey. So if that’s you – then terrific! Give me a call or drop me a note. I would love to talk, share notes and encourage one another.

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