Post #3

Post #3

So a little more about my health journey . . .

Back in 2014 my family moved to Memphis, TN to plant a church. That was a challenging experience. Side note: If you’ve ever thought or are thinking about church planting hit me up. I’d love to be a resource for you.

So, obviously, your health is directly affected by everything going on in your life. And this season for us was no exception. It was a stressful and difficult season for me (and my family). And unfortunately this spilled over into my eating habits. Over the course of the year that we were in Memphis I started gaining back a lot of the weight that I worked so hard to lose. But it wasn’t terrible. So I was able to brush it off and ignore it. I think I probably gained about 20 lbs.

A little over a year ago we closed the Memphis chapter of our lives and moved back to Florida. Unfortunately, though, my bad eating habits followed me. In this past year and a half I’ve gained another 20 lbs. As you can see, I can’t hardly drive by a McDonalds without gaining a couple of pounds. Forget about actually walking in (or hitting the drive thru) and ordering something.

I’m that “unlucky” person who can’t eat whatever I want. I’ve just never had that type of body with a naturally high metabolism. Nor am I able to increase my muscles easily. That’s just part of my life.

I’m really pissed at myself for screwing up all the hard work that I put in. I think it especially bothers me that I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t like what I see in the mirror again. The “breaking point” for me was when my favorite pair of jeans were tight. I think it was last Sunday morning and my pants were too tight. Unacceptable. That was it.

So here I am.


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